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Alexis, Cole,

Kenneth & Wendy
The complete family workout.

"Our whole family has noticed a more positive attitude in our lives since we have been conditioning with Mike.

My daughter Alexis, 27 years of age in her 8 month of pregnancy requires a different workout that Cole who is 18 and never seems to quit growing (or talking.) Wendy, my artist wife and I enjoy working out together since we are so busy all day long. It’s been a very good experience for the whole family. We appreciate Mike's flexibility, knowledge, and complete meal plan very much"

Jenny Myers
Age: 29
"Working with Mike during
my pregnancy was awesome!"

"Working out with Mike during my pregnancy really helped to give me the confidence and energy I needed. These workouts were not only beneficial during my pregnancy, but also during my labor and postpartum period. I'm now continuing my exercises with my new baby daughter and feeling great.

There’s nothing better for a new mom’s self-image than repeatedly hearing ‘Wow, you don’t look like you just had a baby at all!"

Gail Zaruba
Age: 50
Occupation: Self Employed
Before: 130 lbs, 21% Body Fat
After: 118 lbs, 10.5% Body Fat
“I have worked with Mike for one year and the reason I recommend Mike is that he fully understands the total aspect of fitness.
Beginning with the exercises to change my problem areas to the nutrition advice that completes the overall fitness goal. Mike's clients get their goals met”