Meet Mike

Mike Fregia has always believed that clean, healthy living was good for the body, mind and soul. What started as a young man’s quest to get in shape turned into a lifestyle and has even landed him on the cover of national fitness magazines. Over the years, as he saw more and better results with his own training, Mike realized he could pass on what he’d learned and get results for others. A career was born. Now Mike has been a personal trainer for well over a decade. To him, nothing is more satisfying than seeing the transformations his clients make. The success stories come in all forms. A confident teenager setting personal bests every week in the gym. A new mom realizing she looks better and has more energy than she did prior to pregnancy. A once-shy client thrilled to place in her first fitness competition.

If you’re serious about your fitness and are willing to trust his system, Mike can help turn you into a success story. It’s what he loves to do.